cold colors sure can paint melancholy landscapes . . . yet the sun rises!

tan sand and zephyr calm turquoise gulf waves rolling . . . purple sand dollar!

before bold orange fragile shades of violet . . . a kiss from my love!

black, white dolomite confident mountains with pines . . . a milky blue lake!

red, white, and pink waves and green ribbons wafting by . . . look down, polar lights!

wrapped in a pale blue red, yellow, green, purples too . . . rapt in love with you

pale blue dot with clouds encouraged by yellow stars . . . look, green northern lights!

W hat is the matter? O h, regarding what? R egarding what you read. D rab! Drab! Drab! S uch misery, my Lord.

bright blue-green days yield sunsets to respect night’s charm . . . a gray wolf’s coming!

bright blue bolts threatened silver birch, golden maples . . . cardinals in pines!

warm orange and graphite robins chirp Springtime awake . . . an open green bud!

miracle campfire glowing gold saves blue spirits . . . a white fox watching!

desperate red fox white paws, white snow, white rabbit . . . scent of orange amber!

sown karma as deeds yellow, brown, black little seeds . . . bluebird on the reed!

intense fiery red down green hills to dark blue seas . . . the ground starts rumbling!

honey yellow sun melting amber and blood orange . . . look, another fluke!

red, orange, and yellow sun melt, black and gold water . . . horizon dolphins!

blue jay on white snow on green pine growing ready . . . a distant crow comes!

periwinkle on sleeping green elephant fields rainbow and a fox

snowy mountaintop bald of forest, capped by snow . . . a soaring eagle!

my dearest Springtime, my destiny evermore — four ravens scavenge

winter mornings dawn previews of spring’s coming warmth . . . fox trots for breakfast

colorful sunrise red cardinals and blue jays white snow on green pines

somehow, silently trees fall over in the woods such allegory!


Work your butt off In every phase, Never yielding to timid soul nor critic

workers, drones, and queens fashion beeswax honeycombs the sting of winter

dark, total stillness utter silence can be heard the screech owl watches

silkworms spin cocoons oh so unique to nature— artisans spin looms

solemn forests sing unheard notes that root and soar two squirrels scutter

kindling set ablaze a tongue of heat waves rises . . . small beacons split night

smelling salty air along the ole waterfront tall grass slightly sways

Earth rumbles and cracks tectonic plates crash and shake— and cut! roll credits.

Relish the Paradox

Pass the relish the paradox / Money’s a key to a lot of lox / Forget the bulls, bears, doves, and all the hawks / Block the noise, have original thoughts / Know the fundamentals of the game / And know that group-think is not the same.

while sitting cliffside a steady rush builds within . . . the sunrise melts up!

rustle and rouse one gently, so barely noticed . . . ending last night’s dreams

those robust Fall smells give way to cold, dry Winter . . . crunchy morning frost!

imaginative battler of giant windmills . . . young Don Quixote

quell all the mistakes take them out back and leave them — keep just the music

tiny fingers dance right atop black and white keys . . . quaint melodies charm

winter throws a jab a sub freezing midwest punch . . . invigorating!

light rain through the night gusty winds blow with purpose a glowing sunrise

jazz rhythmed rain falls piquing curiosity . . . slow decrescendo

understanding more we think highly of ourselves . . . paradoxical

maxwell’s team award: “mr can-do attitude” . . . the swiss army knife

winter’s grip found us basking in warm, golden air tightly knit til spring

velvet on an oak where a buck left the tree bare . . . nature shows its strength

energy matters when time to settle new rocks . . . voyagers once more

another sunbeam will release these icicles — and just melt my heart

the sunrise skyline of bison, pines, conifers . . . fly fishing the stream

branches have more weight with wet snow and icicles . . . yet songbirds lift them!

such long winter nights cover mouse life with darkness — the owl is hunting!

black sky, red fox trots blue sky, red fox starts and stops . . . green grass now golden

with glow to the east this scene will surely bustle . . . dark and still for now

a cautious mom halts a fawn steps out of the brush . . . red cardinals fight

missing the daybreak would take some getting used to . . . nature stays abuzz

i hope there’s no end to our dear time together reading evening books

i repeat myself i said, I repeat myself . . . wow, he heard it all

“good morning, young man. and how did you sleep last night?” (clearly very well!)

up late with daddy to help ring in the new year — fireworks heard outside!

soft and gentle feet are shuffling around upstairs . . . the real daybreak!

waking up to find the first snow of the season . . . and pure snowday joy!

morning piano, poem memorization . . . creative juices!

a long winter break brings back to school excitement . . . the kids feel it too!

mind and spirit strong body so tired it’s shaking . . . helluva practice

a classic board game long and highly strategic . . . oh the ups and downs

occasionally “i wish i had a brother or a sister, dad”

occasionally I become so overwhelmed with dad-gratitude

ole fun loving dad knows when to blow the whistle and teach like a coach

our dear ancestors could never have dreamed up this rear view mirror glances

maxwell pondered it (a gaming rule was needed) . . . “why not fun friday?”

what is common sense? simple matter sound judgement; now go back to bed

extended weekend excitement aggrandizer– overextends mom

strategies delayed reunion excitement builds– axis and allies

dad-talks create space– universal expansion . . . what’s the matter, son?

some dandy driving avoided a disaster . . . everyone home safe

it’s been three long years practice, practice with no reward . . . a guild in May!

twisted wrestling knee awaiting doctor check up . . . walking gingerly

snowballs and sled rides dad smiles, foreseeing the day . . . up first, sipping jo’

in caves when we’re there in palaces when we’re gone in Afghanistan

There’s no better friend in the air, on land, and sea Nor worse enemy

dark foggy skies yield jet engines, sirens, and cars as morning gives way

everything around wrapped loosely for fifty feet morning fog’s embrace

where does nighttime end if such darkness starts the day animal problems

awaken and rise to sweet smells and softer sounds from a morning rain

MARLOs Are Key Force Multipliers for the MAGTF Commander

While the Air Force has built itself in the image of joint airpower so it can plug-and-play as air’s lead service component, the Combatant Commanders’ even larger joint forces have built themselves in the image of a MAGTF – with air (JFACC), land (JFLCC), and maritime (JFMCC) capabilities. The MAGTF continues to dominate as history’s greatest expeditionary force in readiness, and the joint force continues to mature as the world’s best deliberate force.

I had a secret all about coffee making . . . but I spilled the beans!

the sweetest morning begins after a full night of much needed rest

low clouds and gray sky sunrise lightens the palette a wintry jog bluff

young pianist plays melody and harmony sweet chords crescendo

morning hits nicely after a big sporting win october baseball

black birds land en masse squawking the leaves off two trees silently fly off

Time flies And that makes me nervous. But I find peace Knowing it’s endless.