These are just some of the causes I support. Some of them we support as a family, and some of them are solely me. In general, I emphasize health and education. I want to ensure people get a good meal regularly, and that they can educate themselves. Personally, I have lived without a lot of things, but never without food (beyond voluntary fasting). And I have thrived, but not without understanding. So that’s my foundation for giving: surviving and thriving.

I’m especially interested in new ways to break-through old barriers. I feel this is best accomplished through research, new technologies, and adoption of new capabilities.


Cleveland Food Bank
Tampa’s Trinity Cafe
Columbus Food Bank
MD Anderson Cancer Research Center BRCA2 study: xxx (Rebecca)




xxx Volunteer Fire Department
Haven of Rest Ministries (in memory of Dolores Oberdorfer)
Joy FM (in memory of Sue Kinstle)